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London Travel Journal Assignment

London Travel Journal Assignment

Author: David McKenzie

The objective of this tutorial is to help you to produce a high quality assignment.

All of the materials on this page have been selected to help you to get to know London better and, therefore, help you to produce a travel journal that is so realistic that I will believe that you really have visited London and that everything that you write about really did happen.  The details that you find in these materials will help your work to sound more authentic.  Remember that small things, as well as big things, can make a story interesting.

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Review of the lesson.

This screen recording is here to remind you what we covered in the lesson which introduced you to your latest assignment.

Ten Curious Facts About London

This short video gives ten curious facts about London. Please be aware that it was made a few years ago and, therefore, refers to the London Olympics as a future event, but it is still worth watching.

Source: All Time 10s. Available at: (accessed 30th May 2014).

Loving London - Fantastic London Facts!

More unusual facts about London to help you to get to know the city.

Source: Steven Gardner. Available at: (accessed 30th May 2014).

15 Interesting Facts About The London Underground

Not sure what to expect? Read the title again!

Source: Boost HD. Available at: (accessed 30th May 2014).

Learning English Cockney Rhyming Slang 1

This video introduces you to cockney rhyming slang and teaches you some of the words that you might hear when speaking to a native Londoner. Sadly, the picture quality is not so good, but this is the best introduction that I could find online.

Source: AnnaEnglishTeacher. Available at: (accessed 30th May 2014).

Useful Websites

The following websites may prove to be useful resources to help you with your research:


Articles about the history of London


The official website of the British royal family


Vist London website


Cockney rhyming slang dictionary (the 'money' section could be particularly useful)


London visitor video guides, a very helpful set of videos designed for visitors to London