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Long Division - 7.2 - Lesson 14

Long Division - 7.2 - Lesson 14

Author: Todd Parks

Student Outcomes - Lesson 13

  • Students understand that the context of a real-life situation often determines whether a rational number should be represented as a fraction or decimal.
  • Students understand that decimals specify points on the number line by repeatedly subdividing intervals into tenths (deci- means one-tenth).
  • Students convert positive decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals when the denominator is a product of only factors of  and/or .


Student Outcomes - Lesson 14

  • Students understand that every rational number can be converted to a decimal.
  • Students represent fractions as decimal numbers that either terminate in zeros or repeat, and students represent repeating decimals using, a bar over the shortest sequence of repeating digits.
  • Students interpret word problems and convert between fraction and decimal forms of rational numbers.
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Converting Terminating Decimals to Fractions

Any terminating decimal can be converted to a fraction using place value (e.g. 0.35 is thirty-five hundredths or 35/100).  A fraction whose denominator includes only factors of 2 and 5 can be converted to a decimal by writing the denominator as a power of ten.

Remember:  Terminating decimals will always have a denominator that is the product of 2's and/or 5's.

Decimals to Fractions Using 2's and 5's

IXL - 7th Grade - H.2 Convert between decimals and fractions or mixed numbers

The link below is a 7th grade IXL target that will reinforce the lesson learned on converting decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers.

Printable Blank Lesson 13

Below is a printable version of the common core's 7th grade lesson 13 - converting between fractions and decimals using equivalent fractions.


Lesson Instructions


Printable Blank Lesson 14

Below is a printable version of the common core's 7th grade lesson 14 - converting rational numbers to decimals using long division.


Lesson Instructions