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Long Division- It's a Family Thing

Long Division- It's a Family Thing

Author: Heather Asbell

Students will be able to find whole-number quotients, with or without remainders, using strategies based on properties of operations and the relationship between multiplication and division.

Mnemonic devices are one of the many useful strategies students can use to help them complete complex tasks.  In the case of long division, simply remembering the members of a family can help students complete whole number division problems.

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Step-by-step tutorial on solving long division problems using a family to help remember the steps.

Source: PowerPoint by Heather Asbell, Clip Art from Microsoft Office Images

The Division Family Notes

Copy of slide show to use for note-taking and future reference.


Source: PowerPoint by Heather Asbell, Clip Art from Microsoft Office Images

Long Division- Sample Problem

Example multi-digit dividend with single digit divisor problem, using "Division family" to solve.

Source: Video: Heather Asbell