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Long Quote Punctuation

Long Quote Punctuation

Author: Sydney Bauer

This lesson introduces the punctuation and formatting rules for longer quotes.

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Long Quotation Punctuation



When a quote extends beyond four typed lines (or 40 words) within your paper, it is considered a “long quote” and should appear in block quote format.

  • Introduce the quote with a quick statement that identifies the author and/or the source of the information. The statement should end with a colon (not a period). 1
  • The quote begins on the next line. 2
  • Each line of the quote is indented from the left margin by ½ inch (or 5 spaces). 3
  • Do not use quotation marks to enclose the quote. 4
  • The parenthetical citation appears at the end of the quote, after the final punctuation mark (and does not have any punctuation after it). 5


Worthington describes how the style of autobiography that Joan assumes under the direction of Atwood is unique:

It offers a triple focus with regard to the activity of narration: first on the part of the self-conscious authors, second on the part of the self-conscious narrators, and third, on the part of the interpreting reader… Autobiography highlights the gap between the self who remembers and authorizes the narrative of the past (I), and the self who is remembered, written as a protagonist in that narrative (me). (20) 

Long Quote Punctuation