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Longitude and Latitude

Longitude and Latitude

Author: Julie Sully

Understand longitude and latitude

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1. Watch the "fun"video on latitude and longitude.

2. Watch MY tutorial on latitude and longitude. Please pay close attention and take notes. We will review this in class tomorrow, but I expect for you to have basic knowledge on this concept.

3. Use the weblinks and your textbook to define the vocabulary terms below.

4. Answer questions for a 10 point assignment tomorrow.

Longitude and Latitude


Latitude Longitude Hemispheres


1. What line measures 0* longitude?

2. What line measures 0* latitude?

3. What lines run from north to south along the earth's surface? What directions to they show?

4. What lines run from east to west along the earth's surface? What directions to they measure?

Bonus Question:

What lines never meet? Can you explain why?

Classroom Activity

You will use the knowledge gained from this tutorial to complete the activity Parallels and Meridians.