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Los Cognados

Los Cognados

Author: Donna Mehta

After viewing the video, you will be able to define cognates, name the different types as well as identify and list examples.

Students will be able to apply their knowledge of cognates as a reading strategy as well as to assist them in listening comprehension.

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Los Apuntes - "Cognados" Video Notes

Below is the sheet to record all of your notes as you view the "Cognados" video. Download and print the sheets if needed. You should have received them in class. Write all the requested information for each question. Be sure to bring the sheets to class so you may receive credit for its completion.


Source: Donna Mehta, Microsoft Word


This video describes the three basic types of cognates and gives examples with their pronunciation.

Source: Saray Taylor-Román, YouTube Channel

A Ver Si Puedo

Answer some multiple-choice questions to check your comprehension of the concepts introduced in the video.

Source: Donna Mehta, Google Forms