"Los Juegos Olímpicos Invernales"

"Los Juegos Olímpicos Invernales"

Author: Debra Streacker

Los Juegos Olímpicos Invernales comienzan el siete de febrero 2014 en Sochi, Rusia. 


Lee la presentación y contestan las preguntas en los apuntes. 

This lesson focuses on the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia in February 2014.  The lesson introduces some of the sports and their events as well as some details about the events and their venues.

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"Los Juegos Olímpicos"

This slideshow provides information about the Olympic Torch relay prior to the Sochi, 2014 Winter games. Answer the questions after watching the slideshow.

Source: Dawn Rondo, Buckey Middle School, Ohio


Copy your answers directly into your notesbooks and be prepared to share this information when we meet next!

After watching the slideshow, contestan las preguntas:

1)  Where is the Olympic torch lit prior to "la empieza" de los Juegos Olímpicos?


2)  What is the significance of the spot where the torch is lit?


3)  ¿Cuántos porteros llevan (carry) la Antorcha Olímpica?


4)  How many different forms of transportation do you see used to transport la Antorcha in the slideshow?


5)  What are some of the unusual places that you see the Antorcha appear during el Recorrido?


6)  What is the distance that the Antorcha travels from la empieza to el fin del Recorrido?


7)  Through how many different regions and cities will la Antorcha pass during el Recorrido? 


8)  How many días will it take for the Antorcha to complete el Recorrido?


9)  What are some of the unusual places that the Antorcha was carried during the Sochi Torch Relay?



Graphics about el Recorrido de la Antorcha Olímpica

This is the graphic you were given in class. You may want to consult this page to help you with some of the answers to the questions you are given.

Full Screen

Source: Dawn Rondot, Buckeye Middle School, Ohio