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loss stock, accounting homework help

loss stock, accounting homework help

Author: michael ritchey

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The allied group has acquired group has acquired Kramer industries and is now considering additional investments. The firm was established in 1990 and has the following historical returns:
1990-- 8% loss 1995--- 23% loss 2000-- 26% loss 2005-- 31% loss 2010--- 18% loss
Address all of the following questions in a brief but through manner.
- What was the average return for the stock over the period of 1990 through 2010?.
- What was the standard deviation for the stock over this period?.
- Assume that your currently have a portfolio that return 19.5%. If you add this stock to the current portfolio, what would like happen to the average return on the portfolio?.
- Should allied invest in the stock?. Justify your response.
Work was written, with logical flow, with minimal errors ( including APA format) and utilize appropriate citation/reference of sources. ( at South University APA format). And written in word process programs

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