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LSS 1300 Week 1 Quiz

LSS 1300 Week 1 Quiz

Author: l marshall

How can learners access the CSU Online Library?
To locate specific information in your current course including course description, assignments and their weighted percentage, and textbook information, review the:
Go to the myCSU Student Portal to find the answer to the following question. If you would like assistance with your written response questions before you submit them for a grade, which university department or person should you contact?
Which of the following is NOT necessary when you structure your personal study schedule?
Which of the following BEST describes emotional intelligence?
How does creative thinking help you achieve your goals?
Plagiarism is best defined by which of the following actions?
The best way to avoid unintentional plagiarism includes all of the following EXCEPT which one?
The practice of citing the ideas and concepts of another author recognizes the importance of experts’ contributions in the field of study.
APA is the writing style used at CSU to acknowledge the work of others in academic writing assignments.

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