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LSS 1300 Week 4 Quiz

LSS 1300 Week 4 Quiz

Author: l marshall

Studies show the most common reason that information fails to stay in long-term memory is:
What are the two main purposes of note-taking?
Which memory strategy places disconnected information into units that are easier to remember
Which of the following is NOT one of the three different storage houses for long-term memory?
Which is not an example of common knowledge?
Mindful concentration is a key requirement within which skill?
Match the following items related to study strategies with the correct description.
Two criteria for determining common knowledge and specific knowledge is the audience and the expected level of expertise in the subject.
Paraphrasing is a writing technique that restates another author's ideas in your own style and wording.
Paraphrases in academic work require APA in-text and reference citations.

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