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LSS 1300 Week 5 Quiz

LSS 1300 Week 5 Quiz

Author: l marshall

Why should researchers be cautious about using secondary sources?
Which of the following most likely contains credible information for a research project?
To change the way you look at something, you should try to
Bias, perspectives, and assumptions are factors to consider in evaluating information.
When reviewing the cause and effect of something, you may discover false causes along the way.
An effective way to separate fact from opinion is to look for underlying biases and assumptions.
Evaluating research sources includes looking at author, date of publication, accuracy, objectivity, relevance, but not audience.
APA documentation allows the writer to prevent Academic Integrity violations
The process of gathering information, breaking it into parts, examining and evaluating those parts and making connections for the purpose of gaining understanding is known as which?
What strategy will help you in the analytical process?
When thinking creatively, it is important to:
Answer the following questions by matching it with the correct option.

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