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LSS 1300 Week 7 Quiz

LSS 1300 Week 7 Quiz

Author: l marshall

Bob is a human resources manager for a midsize company. He usually provides employee training in the office building for small groups. However, due to a local emergency, all employees have been evacuated from the office building, and no one is allowed inside for the rest of the day. Bob begins thinking about a backup plan, and he decides to offer the training online by using a computer application. By using the computer application, Bob is demonstrating his ability to perform which of the five categories of job skills?
Career resilience focuses on utilizing which of the following skills?
Sources of career information include all of the following EXCEPT:
Creating a personal brand is essential to career success because it:
According to the lesson material, Bradley suggests to follow three steps for developing career resilience: (1) assessing your own personal strengths, (2) adapting to changes, and (3) planning for market changes. Each of the following tasks contribute to Bradley's suggestion EXCEPT which of the following?
A growth mindset is essential to career success because it promotes
Skills necessary for the workplace include all of the following EXCEPT:
Emotional intelligence in the workplace is characterized by the following description:
Membership in a professional or trade association, contacts at work or community groups, or connecting with your professors are ways to find a mentor
One of the first steps in a strategic plan to achieve career goals is to make a time line illustrating steps toward a specific goal.

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