Luminating Minds:  Your Lumens and what it can do for your students

Luminating Minds: Your Lumens and what it can do for your students

Author: Doris Herrmann

To better use our Lumens Document cameras to engage students and promote student achievement.

Lumens is not your old fashioned overhead.  This brilliant red "ladybug" in your classroom can be used for so much more than just displaying images. 

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Demonstration: Chemistry in Action

In this video, the Lumens is used to make a 3-D chemical reaction come to life for students.

11 Dozen Ways to Use Your Lumens

Now that we have access to this great equipment, how do we use it. This file offers suggestions broken down by subject area.

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Source: Lumens Web Site

Case Study by McKeel Elementary on the benefit of using 3D document cameras

Well written case study on the use of 3D document cameras in classroom. Great info to have if you want to know why it is better to have a 3D camera as opposed to the old-fashioned 2D images.

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Lumens DC265 Quick Start Guide

How to dive in and start using the basics of your new document camera.

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Using Your 3D Ladibug as a Stereoscopic Player

If you want to use your Lumens and Ladibug software to run a 3D presentation you must have the 3D glasses. Try a local theater and see if they'll donate a few to you.

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Lumens Lesson Plan - Crayon Etching

Students will be able to ...
*Create their own crayon etching

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Lummens Lesson Plan - Fractured Tales

Using the Lumens, demonstrate the elements of the story and analyze texts. Create an expository response to literature analysis.

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