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M3A Concept 3

M3A Concept 3

Author: Kisha Hymes

Student will be able to explain and demonstrate language tools to use when telling family history.

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Concept 3 Video Lesson

Concept 3 Online WSQ

In-class activities

In-class activities

1. Watch the Numbered Heads Together video and create a chart on 46L and answer 1-3, working with your groupmates. Then, complete the activity by answering 4-7 as 4 of your groupmates signs their family history.

2. Practice Quiz (It's a Small World video) on 46L

  1. Clyde is Pat's cousin. His father is her uncle. How many brothers does Pat's father have?
  2. Where did Pat's father's siblings all graduate from?
  3. How many children does Pat's Deaf sister have?
  4. Where did they graduate from?
  5. Pat's sister that died had a daughter who is Deaf or hearing?