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M3A Concept 5

M3A Concept 5

Author: Kisha Hymes

Students will be able to explain what Deaf people want to know when they meet you and each other.

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Concept 5 Video Lesson

Concept 5 Online WSQ

In-class Assignments

Venn Diagram 

  • Create a Venn Diagram on 47R comparing and contrasting in the Deaf and Hearing communities what is appropriate information to share with a new person.

Practice Quiz (write answers on 47R)

  • 1. In the video, It's a Small World, how does Yolanda know Pat?
  • 2. In the video, It's a Small World, how does Yolanda know Priscilla?
  • 3. In the video, It's a Small World, why does Priscilla think Pat may be related to Clyde?
  • 4. When Deaf people meet new Deaf people, what are four types of information they typically find out about each other?
  • 5. What two ways do dorm houseparents pay significant roles in the lives of Deaf children?