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Mac Air & iPad Tutorial

Mac Air & iPad Tutorial

Author: Stephen Rao

The purpose of this tutorial is to assist teachers in learning new features of the Mac OS X operating system including Mac and iPad applications.

Throughout this tutorial, you will watch videos on how to accomplish a variety of tasks on your new computer. 

This includes videos of the following:

*Mac OS Mavericks

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Welcome to a collection of videos about your new Mac Air. Please use the following tutorials to help guide your way to 21st century teaching. Each video section is divided up into three playlists: Mac OS, Applications, and iWork (Pages and Keynote). If you are looking for help with an issue you do not see, contact a Vanguard representative within your school.

When viewing the videos, click on the upper left of the viewer to select other videos on the playlist. If you have videos, you would like me to add, feel free to email me:


Stephen Rao

**iPad applications will be added during Fall 2014**

How to Use This Tutorial

Review this video to help guide you around this tutorial.

Mac OS Tips and Tricks.

Toolbar and Dock, Apple Symbol & System Preferences, Tags, Dashboard, Spaces, Launchpad, and Hot Corners


App Store, Safari, Preview, Skitch, Maps, Safari Reader and Preview PDF Export/Highlighting, and Safari Reading List, Favorites/ Bookmark Bar, and How to Record your Screen with Quicktime

Apple Pages

Pages Overview, Creating a Table in Pages, Chart Creation in Pages, Insert Media from Internet in Pages, and Add Comments in Pages

Apple Keynote

Keynote Overview, Edit Text, Insert Picture, Quick Edit your Template, Remove Background with Alpha, Insert Music, and the Toolbar

My Ten Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts


Safari Guide

Teachers and students can use this guide to help arrive at a website.


Practice some of the skills learned from this tutorial in the following ways:

  1. Create a cover page where you need to download an image off Google and insert it into Pages.
  2. Change your background and screen saver. Remember! Do not have the background change pictures.
  3. Use a template and make a small five slide presentation.

Additional 21st Century Links