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Magic e

Magic e

Author: Patti McMullen

To create an understanding of  the concept of 'Magic e' in a fun and inviting way.

This video uses song and images as explores the  'magic' of adding an 'e' to the end of a word to create a whole new word with a whole new meaning.

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The concept of 'Magic e' can be difficult for young children to understand.  Imagine...Just add an 'e' to the end of some words and the word and it's meaning magically changes.

The Magic E Song

An inviting song that introduces the concept of Magic e.

Source: Youtube: KidsTV123

Teaching the Silent E Rule

This video teaches how the addition of 'magic' e changes a word.

Source: Youtube: RRI


Try Wallwisher as a quick check with your students.  Here's a quick tutorial on how to add a post it to a Wallwisher bulletin board.


Here's a quick 'How to' on Wallwisher.


Magic e Wallwisher

Check out my Magic e Wallwisher!

Magic e

Create your own Wallwisher