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Magical Realism

Magical Realism

Author: Melissa Scire

The student will explore Magical Realism through various media to gather an understanding of what it really is. They will also gather information on Gabriel Marquez prior to reading Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

These will be your background notes on Magical Realism and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Keep them. You will need them for the entire unit. You will use the Thinglink to assist you in answering the questions on the attached worksheet. there is a quiz you will complete after you finish exploring Magical Realism.

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What in the World is Magical Realism?

Thinglink. Use this to complete your worksheet and understand Gabriel Marquez and Magical Realism.

Source: Created by Melissa Scire

Magical Realism Handout

Complete this handout while exploring the Thinglink.


Source: Created by Melissa Scire


There will be a quiz on Socrative covering the material tomorrow.

Source: Created by Melissa Scire