Magnetic field force on a charged particle

Magnetic field force on a charged particle

Author: Cinnamon Frame

AP Physics B

D. Magnetic Fields

1. Forces on moving charges in magnetic fields

Students should understand the force experienced by a charged particle in a magnetic field, so they can:

a) Calculate the magnitude and direction of the force in terms of q, v, and B, and explain why the magnetic force can perform no work.

b) Deduce the direction of a magnetic field from information about the forces experienced by charged particles moving through that field.

c) Describe the paths of charged particles moving in uniform magnetic fields.

d) Derive and apply the formula for the radius of the circular path of a charge that moves perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field.

Calculations and right hand rule for calculating magnitude and direction of force on a moving particle and determining acceleration on that particle due to that force.

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Unit 9 Lecture 1 Magnetic Field Force on charged particle

Describes the direction and magnitude of the force on a charged particle due to a magnetic field.