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Author: Michele Langhans

Students will be able to analyze the properties of magnets and magnetic fields.

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Notes on Magnetism

Source: various educators and Langhans

Magnetism: These are the “S” in WSQ. You must have them under your video notes completed by the due date on the Unit Plan.


1. Explain what happens to magnetic domains when a strong magnet is brought close to it.
2. If a magnet is placed under a piece of paper and iron filings were then sprinkled on the paper, what would happen?
3. Name one thing that causes domains of a magnet’s atoms to lose alignment.
4. How do you magnetize something made of iron, cobalt, or nickel?
5. Why do you end up with two magnets when you cut one magnet in half? 
6. What do you think the difference is between a permanent magnetic (called a ferromagnet) and a temporary magnet? Can a temporary magnet become a ferromagnet?
Use this picture for the next question:

7. Which pair of objects in the figure experiences a repulsive force?


A and B


A and C


B and D


B and C

8. What do you think would happen to a magnet if it were heated? Dropped?

Source: various educators and Langhans

Question- asking Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions; use the following as your guide:

1. A question that you are still confused about (be specific, include which part of the video, etc)
2. A question that connects the videos together (i.e. asking about the relationship between the content)
3. A question you think you know the answer to, but you want to challenge your classmates with
Use your Unit Plan to help with question starters

Source: inspired by C. Kirch