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Main Idea

Main Idea

Author: Dr. Michelle Hill

When reading a passage, the student will be able to identify the main idea.

After watching video, students will be able to identify the Main Idea.

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This youtube video gives examples of Main Idea.

Source: Learning Upgrade (Creator). (2006, October 26). Main Idea Song from Reading Learning Upgrade [Video] Retrieved from

Main Idea Instruction From Students

This is a video of students teaching the Main Idea.

Source: LovestoTeach1980. (2012, May 03). Main Idea Reading Strategy. YouTube. Retrieved September 11, 2012, from

Paragraph Song and Lesson

This is a prresentation with a song on paragraphs and a lesson.

Source: Grancie48. (2009, April 02). Paragraph Song and Lesson- intro to writing paragraphs. YouTube. Retrieved from

Finding the Main Idea of a Paragraph

Instruction given on how to find the main idea of a paragraph.

Source: Rowley, C. (2012, June 29). How to Find the Main Idea of a Paragraph. YouTube. Retrieved from

Extreme Paragraphs

This is a presentation on writing with supporting details.

Source: Time4Writing. (2010, November 04). Extreme Paragraphs - Week 2 - Supporting Details. YouTube. Retrieved from

Key Phrases For Finding the Main Idea

This presentation provides Key Phrases for Finding the Main Idea.

Source: Monicamonk1. (2010, June 24). Finding main ideas step 4: Key phrases that you'll find in main idea statements. YouTube. Retrieved from

Main Idea Worksheet

This is a worksheet that organizes the Main Idea with an area for the supporting details.


Main Idea Informational Powerpoint

This powerpoint describes how to find the Main Idea.