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Make Your Pitch: Communicating Your Accomplishments in a Professional Introduction

Make Your Pitch: Communicating Your Accomplishments in a Professional Introduction

Author: Essential Skills

Teach students to communicate their accomplishments in a professional introduction

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Watch this video to learn how to craft a professional introduction.


In this week's Touchstone, you will translate your accomplishments into a compelling introduction.

In the Touchstone, you will develop a 3-5 sentence introduction using the following guidelines:

--Your name and current job title, industry of interest, or field of study
--Something interesting about yourself that helps you to stand out from others in your industry (such as your reason for interest in the field, specific relevant skills, mention of a common interest, or a unique personal attribute)
--A question to prompt further discussion

Remember that your professional introduction is just the start of a conversation. You will adjust what you say depending on the situation. For example, you may keep your introduction very brief when at a networking event, but have more time to talk when sitting next to someone before a presentation begins.

If you feel stuck, try using the following script as a starting place:

“Hello [your name]. I'm ___ and I'm pursuing my degree in ___ because [provide a reason that demonstrates why you are drawn to the field]. I have specific experience in [mention the specific experience that relates to your career goal] and strong interest in ___. I'd like to learn more about [something in the field that presumably the person you are talking to is interested in or knows something about]. How have you done ___ effectively [or, might you have any experience with that]?”

Review the following example of a professional introduction:

Professional Introduction
Hello, I am Aliyah Holmes. Currently I am a student working towards an AA degree in Business through Strayer University. Previously, I worked in customer service retail jobs where I learned the importance of clear communication and problem-solving to improve customer experience. What I’ve enjoyed most about my classes at Strayer is learning about business practices through case studies and discussion. Can you share something about your current work?