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2 Tutorials that teach Making Connections Between Content and Pedagogy
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Making Connections Between Content and Pedagogy

Making Connections Between Content and Pedagogy

Author: Katie Hou

Making Connections Between Content and Pedagogy

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Notes on "Making Connections Between Content and Pedagogy"


(00:00-00:20) Introduction

(00:21-00:44) Essential Questions

(00:43-01:05) Reminders

(01:06-02:09) Content

(02:10-03:29) Pedagogy

(03:30-05:01) Technology

(05:02-05:52) Classroom Integration

(05:53-06:05) Reflection

(06:06-06:35)  Conclusion 

Additional Resources

A Rich Seam: How New Pedgagogies Find Deep Learning

This white paper by Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy explores the intersection of pedagogical strategies, technologies and systems to improve instruction. Of particular relevance are Chapter Three: The New Pedagogies - Deep Learning Tasks, and Chapter Four: The New Pedagogies - Digital Tools and Resources.

Inside the Classroom, Outside the Box: Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge

This site offers a clear overview with an infographic of the relationship between content, pedagogy and technology. Additionally, this site offers useful links to learn more about TPACK and its application in your practice.

MERLOT Pedagogy Portal

This website is designed to help teachers learn about different instructional strategies. The portal provides easy how-to steps to incorporate strategies based on theory and research into your instructional design and practices. To use this site effectively, type the strategy you want to learn in the search box at the top right and use the connected drop down box to select "learning exercises."