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Making Healthy Choices

Making Healthy Choices

Author: damon winchester
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1.2.N Identify key components of the “Nutrition Facts” labels. 

3.2.N Interpret information provided on food labels. 

5.1.N Use a decision-making process to identify healthy foods for meals and snacks. 

6.1.N Monitor personal progress toward a nutritional goal. 

7.1.N Identify ways to choose healthy snacks based on current research-based guidelines. 

8.1.N Encourage and promote healthy eating and increased physical activity opportunities at school and in the community. 

Source: California department of education. (2009). Health education content standards for California public schools: Kindergarten through grade twelve. J. McLean & M. Marks (Eds.). California: Department of education.

Lesson Objectives

Students will demonstrate the ability to read food labels.

Students will apply their knowledge of food labels to select healthy snacks.

Students will create a health goal related to making-decisions and will maintain record of their progress.

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of how to make healthy choices.