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Making Healthy Choices

Making Healthy Choices

Author: Olga Anaya

Nutrition and Physical Activity

1.2 N Identify a variety of healthy snacks

Students will learn about a variety of healthy snacks as well as healthy choices they can make everyday.
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Why make healthy choices?

Healthy snacking and eating habits will give us the proper nutrients to help our bodies grow big and strong. And not just our bodies! A healthy and well balanced diet is also great for our brains so we can learn anything about everything.

Healthy Options

Click on the link to listen to a podcast on healthy snacking options

Check out what Bill Nye has to say about eating healthy!

Here is what the food pyramid looks like and is great for making references when deciding on what to eat

Think about this...

Write down your answers on a separate sheet of paper to be discussed with classmates or to discuss with your family and friends about what you have learned.

When making unhealthy choices is so easy to do in today's society, what can you do to make sure you're making the right choices?