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Making inferences in a literary analysis

Making inferences in a literary analysis

Author: Melissa Stephenson
  1. Explain how to make inferences about a literary text by examining textual evidence (e.g. plot structure, symbols, characters, etc.).

  2. Explain how to make inferences about a literary text by considering the context of the work (e.g. time period, author’s life, country of publication, etc.).

  3. Explain how to make inferences about a text based on its genre.

This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how to write a literary analysis and who is confused about how to connect evidence and inferences. It will explain how to make inferences based on evidence provided in the text, context of the work, or its genre.

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Making Inferences through textual evidence

This video explains different elements of a text that a reader can examine in order to gain a stronger understanding of a literary text.

Source: Melissa Stephenson

Considering Context: Making Inferences

This video explains how to make inferences using the different contextual evidence provided by the author.

Source: Melissa Stephenson,

Using genres to make inferences

This video explains how to use knowledge of genres to make inferences about literary texts.

Source: Melissa Stephenson