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Making Predictions

Making Predictions

Author: Lucie Lewis


Student and parent will watch videos to learn to make predictions.

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Do you ever think you know exactly what is going to happen in a book, movie, or TV show? Well, that is called making a prediction!

Reading Comprehension Strategies- Predictions

Watch this video with your parents. Listen to the meaning of PREDICTION. Have your parent read you the mini-story and together, make a prediction of what will happen to Bentley and her sock monkey.

Harry the Dirty Dog


Step 1: Listen to the story and pause it at 0.45 seconds. With your parents, discuss some predictions that you might have.


Step 2: Continue with the video, keep listening to the “Harry the Dirty Dog.” Stop the video at 2:05. Have your parent write down their prediction of what will happen next, you will also write down their prediction. Talk about your predictions together. Make sure you tell why you made that prediction!


Step 3: Finish the story and discuss whether or not your predictions were correct. If your predictions were correct, talk about how you knew they were going to happen. If you had incorrect predictions, discuss the reasons you thought that they were going to happen and what actually happened instead.


"Ticket Out the Door" Write in your reading notebook what a prediction is. You may go back to the first video and write that definition, or talk with your parent and come up with a different one.

In Class

Tomorrow in class, you will be reading one of your guided reading books from your book baggy and making predictions while reading that book!