Making Your MOLE Root For You

Making Your MOLE Root For You

Author: Mark Sandlin

The objective of this Sophia learning packet is to explore ways to make an e-learning site like Edmodo as useful as possible, listing a number of suggestions.

A MOLE is a Managed Online Learning Platform (also known as a course management system, a virtual learning environment, a social networking service, etc).

This learning packet lists about 30 ways to make a MOLE--in this case, Edmodo--really work for your class.

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MOLE-Management Musings

Some thoughts on how to make your MOLE a better classroom tool.

Source: Author-created. Images: http://www.123rf.com/clipart-vector/toy_shovel.html

Ideas for Integrating Edmodo with Mobile Devices Like iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.