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Management KOSSA Review

Management KOSSA Review

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KOSSA Standards

Here is a list of all standards tested in the KOSSA Exam:

KOSSA Management Standards

Management Review Items

Management KOSSA Review Study Guide:

Management Core Review:

Core 1:
Core 2:
Core 3:
Core 4:
Core 5:
Core 6:
Core 7:
Core 8:
Core 9:
Core 10:

Management Prep:

Prep 1:
Prep 2:
Prep 3:
Prep 4:
Prep 5:
Prep 6:
Prep 7:
Prep 9:
Prep 10:
Prep 11:
Prep 12:
Prep 13:
Prep 14:
Prep 15:
Prep 16:
Prep 17:
Prep 18:
Prep 19:
Prep 20:
Prep 21:
Prep 22:

KOSSA Sample Test

Go to

  • It will open and have three large boxes with information.
  • Click Participant Login under the one that has
  • Go Simple
  • Go E-SESS
  • Make the following entries into the four blanks:

Organization: KOSSA
First Name:  Sample
Last Name:   Sample
Password:     Sample

  • Click Log In.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click Begin.