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Map Basics

Map Basics

Author: Julie Sully

Recognize and read different map types.

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1. Watch the video on Map Basics.

2. Use the video, your textbook  and the weblinks below to define the vocabulary words below. JUST WRITING THE DEFINITIONS FROM YOUR BOOK WILL NOT BE ENOUGH.

3. Answer the questions below for a 10 point assignment. We will review these in class. 

4. If you have any questions, please type them in the questions section at the bottom of this page.


Map types

1. political

2. thematic

3. physical

Reading  a Map

4. lines

5. symbols

6. labels

7. compass rose

8. scale

9. colors

10. legend or key

11. lines of longitude

12. lines of latitude

* Lines of Latitude and Longitude we will review more in the next lesson.


Map Basics Video


1. What are some purposes of maps?

2. What is the purpose of latitude and longitude lines?

3. How do physical and political maps differ?

4. Why is a legend or key important for reading a map?

Classroom Activity

You will use your knowledge gained to complete an exercise in class called Elements on a Map.