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Map Your Bedroom

Map Your Bedroom


Students will create a map of a familiar place - their bedroom applying  their understanding of direction, location, and representation. This flipped lesson is part one of the project to guide students in gathering information for their map.

Students will use the PBS online program, The Cat in the Hat Can Map This and That, to create a map of their bedroom.

In this first lesson, students look at their bedroom noting the shape of the room and the location of furniture, doors, and windows in the room. They use positional vocabulary such as next to, on top of, under, between, over, behind t to describe their room. Students will complete a quick sketch of their room to bring to class.

In the classroom, students use The Cat in the Hat Can Map This and That mapping tool to create their map. The maps can be printed to share in short presentations to classmates.



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Map Your Bedroom - Part 1

Map Your Bedroom - Part 1
Look at your bedroom as a map maker. Picture how it looks and what should be in your map. Take notes and draw a picture to bring to school.

Plan for Map Your Bedroom - Part 1

This paper will help you plan what you will put in your map of your bedroom.