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Margin of Error

Margin of Error

Author: Al Greene

To introduce to idea of margin of error and how it is used in the media.

This packet discusses the presentation side of margin of error, opposed to the computational side. We will discuss how margin of error is presented by the media, especially in dealing with politics. We will also relate margin of error to confidence intervals.

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This packet will discuss the concept of margin of error, how it is used in the media, and how it relates to confidence intervals.

Some terms that should be known before you begin this packet are:

  • sample and population
  • confidence level
  • confidence interval

Source: Greene

Margin of Error

This powerpoint discusses margin of error, how it is used in the media, how it relates to confidence intervals, and gives a hypothetical example of its use.

Source: Greene

Margin of Error in 2008 Presidential Campaign

This clip talks about how close the presidential election was in 2008, and how the margin of error can be taken into consideration when talking about leads in polls.

Source: CBS/Youtube