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Market Research Proposal

Market Research Proposal

Author: robert tatham

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I have a marketing research proposal due.

I need the following below.

·       Clear statement of the intended contribution(s), both theoretical and substantive.

·       Background, including a brief review of relevant literature and how the proposed research will provide a novel and interesting contribution.

·       Motivation and research questions, including a statement of the specific research question(s) that will be addressed, why they are important and interesting, and what the researchers expect to learn from answering these questions.

·       Research design and methodology, including a detailed description of study design, data sources/collection procedures, experiments to be run (if applicable), modeling techniques to be used (if applicable), and any other relevant details. Methodological details will play a crucial role in the evaluation process, and the proposed research should be feasible.

The form of the proposal is as follows:

1.       Title Page–includes the title of the project from the RFP, the names of the  prepares of the proposal, and contact information who the proposal is being prepared  for and the date

2.       Background of the Problem including literature review

3.       Statement of the Research Objectives–usually stated in the RFP–if not they must  be determined as described

4.       Study Design–a statement of how the data will be gathered and who will be sampled and the sample size

5.       Areas of Questioning–not found in all proposals–however, it may be helpful and is a tentative list of survey topics based on the research objectives

6.       Data Analysis–which techniques will be used to analyze the data

7.       Personnel Involved–provides a list of all people involved in the project and short  vita of each (You may enter a place for this on your paper and say that details will come later)

8.       Specifications and Assumptions–If you have any. If not, you may say that they will be discussed with the potential client.

9.       Services–spell out exactly what the research supplier will do (or you may enter a place for this in the paper and say that the details will come later)

10.    Cost–specify the cost and payment schedule (You may estimate this or you may enter a place for it in the paper and say that it has yet to be determined).

11.    Timing–state when various phases of the project will be completed

12.    Reference page

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