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Marketing Mix - the 4Ps -- Product

Marketing Mix - the 4Ps -- Product

Author: Soma Jurgensen

In this tutorial you'll find information, games, and assessments that engage students of marketing in the core tactics of the profession.

  • Marketing mix overview
  • Products, services, and offerings
  • Business to consumer vs. business to business offerings
  • Games to help you learn the terminology

A marketing mix is the degree to which a marketing plan leverages the "4Ps" of marketing: product, price, promotion, and place. After setting goals and objectives, the next step in the marketing process is to determine the optimal marketing mix for your target consumer. This tutorial will focus on Product - traditionally the first of the "Ps."

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A New Look at the 4Ps of Marketing

View this short video for a great overview of the marketing mix. Note the necessity of defining your customer.

Describe Your Offering (Product or Service)

In your marketing plans you are expected to describe your offering. Here's a video regarding the process to define both the features and benefits of your product or service in order to get you started.

Starting Your Marketing Plan

The first step in your marketing plan is to fully define your product or service offering. This PowerPoint is the basis of the video in this tutorial.

The Marketing Mix Game

What better way to practice and become familiar with the terminology surrounding the "Product" in the 4Ps than with a game. Try your hand at this memory matching game. This game is not for the faint of heart. You'll match the definition with an example. Good luck and have fun!


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Product lines, product extentions, and consumer offerings, oh my!

What's the difference between a product line and a product extension? How do I explain how a shopping consumer offering differs from an unsought consumer offering?

What better way to learn this terminology than through memory matching. Instead of matching two of a kind, you'll match the definition with an example.


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