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Martin Luther and the start of the Reformation

Martin Luther and the start of the Reformation

Author: Isabella Correia

CCSS: 7.9.2. Describe the theological, political, and economic ideas of the major figures during the Reformation (e.g., Desiderius Erasmus, Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Tyndale).

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Watch this brief video about Martin Luther – keep in mind the events that led him to post his 95 Theses!


Pardons issued by the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church that were believed to limit a soul's time in purgatory and send them straight to heaven.

The 95 Theses

The 95 Theses
This is a painting depicting the Diet of Worms which was the council hearing where Martin Luther refused to take back his criticisms of the church.

What Martin Luther believed:

The BIG Question!