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Marx and Class Conflict

Marx and Class Conflict

Author: Paul Hannan

This lesson will examine Karl Marx class conflict through examination of means of production, capitalists, proletarians, class conflict, social inequality, and alienation

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Terms to Know

Separation from a group, activity, or society.

Capitalist (Bourgeoisie)

Also known as the bourgeoisie, these people are the owners of the means of production.

Class Conflict

Antagonism between social classes.

Karl Marx

Nineteenth century German philosopher who studied the economic and social consequences of the rise of industrial capitalism. Marx has had a profound impact on the development of many social science disciplines, including sociology. In particular, his work is often cited as the foundation of much of the conflict theoretical tradition in sociology.

Means of Production

The raw materials, machines, inputs, and factories used in the act of commodity production.


Common laborers who do not own the means of production, only their labor.