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Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model

Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, students will examine the background, purpose and domains of the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model.

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Teacher Evaluation and Assessment

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Notes on "Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model"


(00:00 - 00:10) Introduction

(00:11 - 00:29) What Will You Learn Today?

(00:30 - 01:36) How did the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model Originate?

(01:37 - 02:25) What is the Purpose of the Model?

(02:26 - 05:28) What are the Features of the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model?

(05:29 - 06:03) What Did You Learn Today?

(06:04 - 06:32) Reflection


Additional Resources

The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model 

This document details the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Framework.

Teacher Development Toolkit for the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model

This document provides rubrics and teacher evaluation tools to accompany the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Framework.

AchieveNJ: Teacher Evaluation

This page explains the New Jersey Teacher Evaluation Model.

Broward Instructional Development and Growth Evaluation System

Florida's value-added teacher evaluation model from Broward County has a state approved model that incorporates the Marzano rubrics as a required component of the observation of teacher practices.

Oklahoma Teacher Evaluation Services

The Oklahoma DOE allows districts to select from one of three evaluation models, with Marzano's being one of the three.

​​Research Base and Validation Studies on the Marzano Evaluation Model

This white paper from Marzano connects research to the teacher evaluation model.