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Marzano's High-Yield Instructional Strategies

Marzano's High-Yield Instructional Strategies

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson provides an overview of the high yield instructional strategies in Marzano.

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Source: Image of Venn Diagram, public domain,; Image of Yin and Yang, Creative Commons 3,; Image of Cornell Notes, Katie Hou; Image of influence chart, Katie Hou

Notes on "Marzano's High-Yield Instructional Strategies"


(00:00-00:20) Introduction

(00:21-00:52) Essential Questions and Reminders

(00:53- 01:35) Marzano’s High Yield Instructional Strategies Overview

(01:360 07:44) Marzano’s High Yield Instructional Strategies In-Depth

(07:45-08:45) Hattie’s Research Overview

(08:55-09:53) Hattie’s Research Connection

(09:54-10:28) Reflection

(10:29-11:00) Conclusion 

Additional Resources

Setting the Record Straight on High Yield Instructional Strategies

In this article, Robert Marzano clarifies misinterpretations educators make about his high yield instructional strategies. He offers caution on three areas: only considering a few strategies, believing the high yield strategies should be used across the board, and thinking the high yield strategies will work 100% of the time. Additionally, Marzano offers suggestions for instructional use.

The Cornell Note-taking System

This is a great one-page handout for teachers and students to reference when applying Cornell's Two Column Note Strategy. This may be a useful approach to use in your classroom when you are employing notetaking and summarizing as an instructional strategy.