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2 Tutorials that teach Marzano's High-Yield Instructional Strategies & Teacher Evaluation
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Marzano's High-Yield Instructional Strategies & Teacher Evaluation

Marzano's High-Yield Instructional Strategies & Teacher Evaluation

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson provides connects Marzano's high yield instructional strategies to teacher evaluation models.

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Notes on "Marzano's High-Yield Instructional Strategies and Teacher Evaluation"


(00:00-00:07) Introduction

(00:08-00:26) Essential Questions and Remedies

(00:27-01:30) Recap of Marzano's nine high-yield.

(01:31-01:53) Danielson's 4 Domains of Teacher Responsibility

(01:54-03:32) Marzano/Danielson Connection

(03:33-04:56) Marzano's Evaluation Model

(04:57-05:12) Reflection

(05:13-06:00) Further Reading and Conclusion

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