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Mastering the Modified Flip

Mastering the Modified Flip

Author: William Jones
  • Discussion: What is a "flipped" classroom? 
  • Strategies and Tools that help implement the flipped classroom model 
  • Make it your own! 

Explore the theory, rationale, and fleshing out of a flipped classroom. Participants will discuss an actual working model, from the theoretical foundation to the end product. This presentation will give insight into the classroom procedures, grading process, instructional technologies, and core logistics involved in a modified version of flipped instruction. Participants will also explore multiple digital tools and resources that can be used within the dynamic of a flipped classroom. 

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What is the Flipped Classroom?


Flipping the Classroom - Video 1

Flipped Classroom - Video 2

How to implement the "Flipped Classroom"

Technology and Resources


Flip - O - Graphic


PDF Handout