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Author: Desirae Morales

The objective is by the end of this lesson you will learn how to add integers using the math song. 

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Hello class!

Today's lesson is on learning how to add and subtract integers. You will be learning a song that will help you add and subtract integers. Its a quick and easy song to learn and I promise you this song will help you for the rest of your life! Are you ready to start singing class?! Lets go!


What are Integers?

First I will explain what are integers and a few definitions.



  • The number line goes on forever in both directions. This is indicated by the arrows.
  • Whole numbers greater than zero are called positive integers. These numbers are to the right of zero on the number line.
  • Whole numbers less than zero are called negative integers. These numbers are to the left of zero on the number line.
  • The integer zero is neutral. It is neither positive nor negative.
  • The sign of an integer is either positive (+) or negative (-), except zero, which has no sign.
  • Two integers are opposites if they are each the same distance away from zero, but on opposite sides of the number line. One will have a positive sign, the other a negative sign. In the number line above, +3 and -3 are labeled as opposites.

Song Lyrics

This right here is the lyrics to the song. The rhythm or tune to the song is the same as the song "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". So if you know that song, then you can defiantly sing this new song. The name of this song that you are about to sing is called "Same Signs Add and Keep". Here is the lyrics to the song:


Same signs, add and keep                            

Different signs, subtract

Use the sign of the bigger number

Then you'll be exact!


See, that's all students, it's short and simple and easy to remember. 



This video will show you how the song is suppose to sound and how to sing it. It also shows you an example of a math problem. Sing along with the song so you can get some practice in there.

Practice Problems

Here are some practice problems for adding and subtracting integers. Remember to use the song to help you. Please complete full worksheet because I will be collecting it in class and going over it. The answers are there to check your answers.



Please take this quiz.