MATH 533 Week 8 Final Exam SET 3

MATH 533 Week 8 Final Exam SET 3

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO A)Consider the following raw data, which is the result of selecting a random sample of 20 Bank Common Stocks and noting the dividend yields (as a %).
2. (TCO B) The general manager of Oak Place Mall has collected data on where each customer lives and the gender of each customer. A random sample of 500 customers was selected with the results below.
3. (TCO B)In a recent survey, 80% of the citizenry in a community favored the building of a municipal golf course. If you ask 15 citizens about this project, find the probability that
4. (TCO B) A study of homeowners in the 5th congressional district in Maryland found that their annual household incomes are normally distributed with a mean of $41,182 and a standard deviation of $11,990 (based on data from Nielsen Media Research).
5. (TCO C) Until this year, the mean braking distance of a Nikton automobile moving at 60 mi per hour was 175 ft. Nikton engineers have developed what they consider a better braking system. They test the new brake system on a random sample of 81 cars and determine the sample mean braking distance. The results are the following
6. (TCO C) You are in charge of selling advertising for radio station WQAA. The fee you can set for airtime is directly related to the share of the listening market your station reaches. From time to time, you conduct surveys to determine WQAA’s share of the market. This month, when you contacted 200 randomly selected residential phone numbers, 12 respondents said they listen to WQAA
7. (TCO D) Persons living near a smelting plant have complained that the plant violates the city’s noise pollution code. The code states that to be in compliance, noise levels are only allowed to exceed 120 decibels less than 10% of the time. You monitor the noise levels at 150 randomly selected times and found that 11 were above 120 decibels. Does the sample data provide evidence to conclude that the plant is in compliance with the noise pollution code (witha = .05)? Use the hypothesis testing procedure outlined below.
8. (TCO D)Bill Smith is the Worthington Township manager. When citizens request a traffic light, the staff assesses the traffic flow at the requested intersection. Township policy requires the installation of a traffic light when an intersection averages more than 150 vehicles per hour. A random sample of 48 vehicle counts is done. The results are as follows:
(TCO E) Management at New England Life wants to establish the relationship between the number of sales calls made each week (CALLS, X) and the number of sales made each week (SALES, Y). A random sample of 18 life insurance salespeople were surveyed yielding the data found below
(TCO E) A local realtor wishes to study the relationship between selling price (PRICE in $), house size (HOUSESIZE in square feet), lot size (LOTSIZE in acres), and number of bathrooms (BATHROOM). A sample of 10 homes is selected at random. The data is given below (in MINITAB)

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