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Math Career Project

Math Career Project

Author: Becca Turner

The students will use the iPads to search for information about a profession that uses mathematics. They will need a general description of the profession and the work environment, the education/training needed, hours of work, and average salary. This information will need to be transferred to a Google Slides.

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Teacher Instructions

1. Hand out iPads to the class. State to them that they need to only be using it for finding information, or repercussions will be implemented.

2. Prior to this, a list of math involved professions should be created. The students will sign up for a profession one by one (first come first serve). 

3. Then pass out the handout/rubric. The instructions are on this in black and white. The rubric is on the back so they know how they will be graded.

4. Let them know that if a work cited for the information that they found is a must! In my class, if it was not given then they received a zero.

5. How the rubric works is that you will add up their scores out of 33. Then you will multiply by 3 and add 1 to get their final grade. We used them as a test grade, but that is your decision.