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Math Minds

Math Minds

Author: Nate Brown

Teaching the basic mathematics of everyday life.  Learning addition and subtraction is the beginning of what every student needs to have down before continuing to advance.

  • Being able to solve for simple addition.
  • Being able to solve for simple subtraction.

Mathematics is continuously known as being the most difficult subject for majority of students in the classroom.  The most confusing part about math is the symbols, numbers, and letters that can represent a number.  The other misleading part about math are the variety of formulas used to solve particular problems.  With math being an important part of a student's learning curriculum, it is important to be able to have the attention and comprehension of what's being taught.  With this packet, it will help an instructor and students get an idea of better comprehension.  The best way to understand math is to simply see it being completed while someone is explaining what is happening.  Another advantage of making this visual is having music to keep the students involved with learning.  Young students will tend to learn songs faster than they would a lecture so the music videos are now being used as teaching tools.  This is true due to music establishing: a positive learning state, focus concentration, increased attention, and improved memory.  I would consider this more of a visual learning packet.

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