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Math Puppy iPad App Tutorial

Math Puppy iPad App Tutorial

Author: Jordan Futrell

Math Puppy for Kids would be a fantastic addition to math c lassroom activities. The students could play it when they’re finished with the rest of their work, while they’re waiting on the rest of the class to finish. Several kids could play at once or they could play on teams and see who gets the greatest amount of correct answer, the most Bingos, or the highest scores on Math Challenge! Kids love playing games, so when given a math game they’re learning while having fun. Students will often be excited to play games like this whenever given the opportunity and this app would certainly increase their math skills. Games like this, if played in groups, would allow students to help each other, explain problems, and allow them to further understand the concepts while learning to communicate effectively.

This app is child friendly, allows the child to choose a fun character to play, and has three options of games you can play on the app. You can choose Math Challenge, which asks subtraction problems of either easy, medium, or hard difficulty depending on what the player chooses. You get a green smiley face each time you answer correctly. Once you’ve answered 5 problems correctly (and have 5 green smiley faces) a level is completed and you are able to go on to the following level.

The ability to choose addition, multiplication, or division problems must either be unlocked as you play or purchased through the App Store. The option to purchase these math operations is given on the screen where you choose your character, type in your name, and choose the level of difficulty. If you’re looking for similar apps, games, and activities kids may enjoy, you can click the “More” button on the bottom of the main screen. Most of the ones advertised on this page must be purchased.

You can also choose to play Math Bingo. The same concepts of subtraction are tested, except this time limit of 30 seconds which is counted down by the timer bar at the top of the screen. This game is great because it forces the child to choose which problems they want to answer with the goal of getting a Bingo (by correctly answering a complete row or column). In this way, children learn strategy in order to win in the least amount of time possible.

The last game on the app is more of a resource—it’s a calculator. Math calculator simply allows kids a fun way to do math problems on a calculator. Each time you click a number, a box of that number flips up and floats to the answer screen at the top of the calculator, so it’s a little more interesting and fun to play with than a normal calculator at school.

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Step 1: Main Screen Introduction

Step 2: Choose your character

Step 6: End of Game