Math Video Lessons

Math Video Lessons

Author: Peter Esperanza

Portal for my math video lectures on my Flipped Classroom.


I created this YouTube channel for my high school students in Barstow High School. It includes all the video lectures I used for my flipped classroom for algebra, precalculus, ap statistics, and ap calculus.

www.numberbender.com is my official website where I upload my math lectures. I also uploaded all my math materials that I use for all my classes both in the high school and college level.

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STATISTICS: Sampling Using Random Number Generator

Lesson on using table B in sampling using random numbers

ALGEBRA: Polynomial Operations

Math lesson on adding/subtracting and multiplying polynomials

TRIGONOMETRY: SOH CAH TOA - Finding the missing side(s) of a triangle

lesson on precalculus for finding the missing sides of a right triangle using soh cah toa

STATISTICS: Sampling Techniques

lesson on different sampling techniques in statistics

CALCULUS: Finding the Derivative of Inverse Trig. Functions

math lesson on finding the derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions using the set of formula