Mathispower4u - Scatter Plots

Mathispower4u - Scatter Plots

Author: M. J. Plott

This tutorial contains two videos, from Mathispower4u on YouTube, which looks at the basics of graphing data as a scatter diagram, and recognizing types of correlation.

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Constructing a Graph From Data

From YouTube:

Published on Aug 14, 2014
This video explains how to create a scatter plot given data in a table.
Video content created by Jenifer Bohart, William Meacham, Judy Sutor, and Donna Guhse from SCC (CC-BY 4.0)
Category Education
License Standard YouTube License

Matching Correlation Coefficients to Scatter Plots

From YouTube:
Published on Jul 16, 2013
This video provides several examples of how to match the value of a correlation coefficient to a scatter plot.
Site: http://mathispower4u.com
Category Education
License Standard YouTube License