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MathType tricks #2

MathType tricks #2

Author: Christopher Danielson

To demonstrate software techniques to math students typing up their work with MathType.

The packet consists of short video tutorials to support students needing new features of MathType.

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This packet provides two quick tutorials on MathType. Each assumes that you know how to insert MathType equations into your word processor.

The first tutorial (Saving expressions) is a really handy trick that will save you TONS of time.

The second (Notation for systems of equations) is a how-to for something my College Algebra students need to know how to do. Enjoy.

And feel free to ask other how-to questions in the Q&A section; I'll crank out more MathType tricks.

Saving expressions as buttons (a time-saving trick as good as copy-and-paste!)

This video demonstrates saving frequently used expressions as buttons in MathType.

Notation for systems of equations

This video demonstrates how to get MathType to show the standard notation for systems of equations.

Exponents and logarithms

This video demonstrates using exponents and logarithms in MathType.


Please let me know what else you are trying to get MathType to do. I'll show you how and share it with others.