Matrices and Determinants

Matrices and Determinants


What you will learn in this lesson:

--How to find the determinant of a Matrix using minors and cofactors. 

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Student Instructions:

Follow each of the steps below:

1. Complete the Vocabulary Quiz

2. Watch the video on Determinant Shortcuts!

3. Watch the video on Minors and Cofactors

4. Complete WSQ 2

5. Blog Post

Vocabulary Quiz!

Complete the vocabulary quiz, make sure to scroll down to complete the entire quiz.

Determinant Shortcuts

Minors and Cofactors


After watching both tutorials complete the WSQ below!

Blog Post-Instructions

Imagine that you were tutor who had to teach a second grader how to find the determinant of a matrix. Your second grade student is unable to read so you will have to find other ways to communicate the information besides writing a paragraph! Write a blog post using video, images, or audio files to help your second grader how to understand determinants. 

Blog Submission Form