Maxwell's Tutorial

Maxwell's Tutorial

Author: Cynthia Maxwell

For Student success in High School Chemistry.

Students in Honors Chemistry and SL IB Chemistry. This course provides the equivalent of the first semester general chemistry freshman level college chemistry course and high school honor chemistry.  It provides student an understanding of atomic theory and its relationship  to various physical and chemical phenomena and chemical kinetics etc.


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Thermochemical Equation

Thermochemical Equation
Understanding and solving thermochemical equations.http://school.brightstorm.com/science/chemistry/

Source: Brightstorm for schools Retrieved on October 28, 2013 from http://youtu.be/WIpdQDlyJGg

Oxford IB Chemistry Companion Author Geoffrey Nuess

Topic 5
Unit on Energetics. (Thermodynamics)

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Source: Retrieved on October 28, 2013 from http://fds.oup.com/www.oup.com/pdf/13/9780198390053.pdf